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cheesy smooth pick up lines for her over text ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) -pickuplines



cheesy smooth pick up lines are great. When you take courage and say your feeling to you loved once. Because start talking without any topic is hard. Even take so much courage to say I like you. Then this picks up lines are great works. Now we are in the era of internet and fastest technology. In some past year, online dating is popular. So you just need to superb and catchy words to get an instant reply. I will give you some cheesy smooth pick up lines for her over text

cheesy is the best, but when you try with smooth it could better result.

something you want to focus before saying these lines are

  1. start conversion with some catchy words that attract towards you to talk more.
  2. most of the girls are likes clever, funny lines. so you try to do the funny conversion to make a smile on her face.
  3. some times not only text worked, so you can add more images and gif as per your relevant talk
  4. last but not least try to win her heart

best collection of great pick up lines are listed below. read and scroll down to enjoy.

cheesy smooth pick up lines for her over text

cheesy smooth pick up lines for her over text

Why there is 26 letter’s in abcd alphabet? I want to make them 25 by picking ‘U’ out.

I think you are a magician. Coz every time look at you everything others will disappear.

Can I follow your footsteps until you reach your home? Because my parents say that you should follow your dreams.

You look so familiar. Can we take a class together?. I think in chemistry class to know our chemistry.

Hello madam, I am mr.right. somebody say that you are looking 4 me

I am fighting the urge until you are the most happiest woman on earth tonight. 

4+4=8, but U +me is equal to fate

Can you take 1 step back from the bar?  You are melting all the ice on the bar.

I don’t see a single star in the whole sky tonight. Because most Brighting woman standing next to me.

You should be the hell of the thief. Because you stole my heart 💓 from across my house.

Wait, sweetheart, I see something in your eyes, let me check. Ohhh it just sparkles.

I think you are an important topic in our textbook. Coz I remember you all day in my head. 

Can I steal 1 kiss from you?. I promise I will be the return when you needed.

Did you know rejection leads to emotional stress?. Emotional stress to our physical complication like ulcers, headaches. So for health, you just need to say YES.

Your beautiful eyes say everything except your name. Could you have a name?


smooth pick up lines

flirty smooth pick up lines for texting

pick up lines for her over text

Excuses me, are you talking to me? No?. Then plz start.

What is the actual time when you go back to heaven?

Did you believe in early to bed, early to rise? After looking you, you got your beauty sleep.

You must high performing test scorecard. Beautiful I want to take you home and show you to my mother.

You seem like more beautiful inside rather than outside.

Can you answer my query? 

If I had 1 kid and you had 1 kid, then how many total kids?

2? No?

That’s only 1 our loving kid. 

I wish I was an octopus, because of my 3 heart beats for you all day.

I think you are smooth so wanna try some cheesy smooth pick up lines on you

I m not trying to Impress you hut I can swim without floaties.

It is so much fascinating. Coz I never ever see such dark eyes which much brighter in them.

I heard that so many folks say that Disney land is the most happiest place in the world. Apparently none them have even been in your arm to hug tight.

What a smart handsome charming dude do without your number? 

How were the heavens when you last time visited?. 

I little bit confused who is the more beautiful its may you or heaven. 

Whenever I look at you, my leg slips and I fall in love with you.

smooth cheesy pick up lines

cheesy smooth pick up lines

I don’t know a definition of love?. Could you wanna described me with my whole life.

You are the idea of a cutie pie.

It is not my fault that I m fall in your love. Coz you are looking so cool, calm, loving, caring. How could I not? 

I m good palm reader. Can I just read your palm?. Your palm lines say that you could call me very soon.

Forget sweetheart all superhero-like batman, spiderman, superman. I will be your perfect man.

Can I text you a wonder-full pick up lines or may I use now to impress you?

Kissing is the language of true love. Then what about the long conversation. 

I won’t try a pick up lines if you buy me a drink.

You are a crazy dream coz you are stuck in my head.

Excuses me, madam, are you lost here?. Coz heaven is far from here.

Nice to meet you… I am (your name) and you are Mrs gorgeous.

Have you been visiting the hospital in the last few days?. Coz I thinking you are lack of vitamin me.

R you a DSLR camera ?. Coz every time look at you, I smile.

In this entire world only 10 angles exist, 5 are playing,4 are working and only one is standing next to me.

Do you like cheese? Coz I want to use best cheesy pick up lines on you.

pick up lines for her

couple lines to impress

Did you know? Which is the safest place to hide? I think it is in your arms.

If God makes something more beautiful then U, I m pretty sure that would be keep secret for himself.

Hello, I m the thief, can you arrest me in your heart.

I m not a genie, but I can make all of your dreams come true.

Hey cutie, I m pretty. Together we are pretty cute.

Ohh there you are. Which I m looking for my dream woman.

I am not a hoarder, but I want to keep you for forever.

 I never play hide and seek with you. Coz someone like you impossible to find out.

Do you have sun burn? Or you may be always hot 🔥

Hey crazzy, you don’t need a key to me. For driving me crazzy.

Did you know what is on the menu?. Its Men U

When the earth has zero gravity, but I still fall for you.

Are U a dictionary? Coz add meaning (values) to my life

Kiss me if I m wrong at anything. But dinosaur still exits, Right? 

Tell me your secret, to how was it feel like so Great.

cheesy smooth pick up lines tinder

Did you like the harry potter series?. Coz I m adumbledore to you.

What about the good elevator jokes?. Because it is working on so many levels.

Any kind of name pun###

Did you know that I m writing a book? It is a phone book, and it is missing only your number.

“_i _l_o_v_e_y_o_u_” is this lines worked on you or may i try another?

I have all the best food on my dinner table, but I want to eat food with you forever.

 My parents told me that don’t talk to strangers online. But I make exceptions for only you.

What were the fascinating things when I m finding by Google you.

“Favourite pick up lines” Go! And work!

Describe yourself in three emoji.

‘truth or dare’?. If dare then says yes. If true then I m already your is truth.

Omg, I swipe it left and I got 💓 a heart attack. Save you at the last moments.

Roses r red, violets r blue. You will be mine 6 and I will be your 9

Did you know? You are the hottest girl on tinder forever.

How many time you have picture me naked when we have matched!

funny smooth pick up lines

you are beautiful

Did you do any magic on me? Because I have thought about you 

Would you like to fill out a survey to my new contact list?

You will break it? What? My singlehood to mingle with you

What about you and me to make a great couple.

I will never treat as he treats you, I will be your prince charming.

I think we will cute to dance together, at my house tonight?

Let’s pretend that I m titanic, you are my see. I will go down to you

I think if you are fruit then your fine-apple

I think if you are a vegetable then you are cucumber 

 Do you have a pencil?. Coz I want to draw a sketch of our future.

Are made of copper (Cu) and tellurium (te)?. Coz you are so CUTE.

You hand looks like heavy. Can I hold it for you?

Are you a big tower? Coz I feel(I feel) 4 you.

Your lips look like so much lonely, you wanna meet to mine?

 Your blue eyes like ocean, I m lost in you

final words

Finally, you read the 90+ pick up lines, now it’s your time to show love by sharing our post to your friends.
Sometimes you need to know before using this pickup lines are “use Cathy words to drive them attractions”
This is the best cheesy smooth pick up lines for her over text. I hope you enjoy our collection of pick up lines.
Thank you.

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