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Computer and programming pick up lines ヾ(^-^)ノ -pickuplines



Computer pick up lines are help you to say you feeling to a techy guy. Programming pick up lines are the lines with feeling. Its means this both pick up lines are key to start creative talking with computer guy.

Generally, computer guy is workaholic coz they love to spend time with the pc. But they spend time with you even when you say your feeling to them.

Computer and programming are basic of our technologic worlds. If you are like someone who is involved in computering or programming then you need to read this article once.

computer guys are everywhere coz every firm needs them coz all system are running on them. Computer guy is not only nerdy they are smart and handsome too. If you here then definitely like someone programming nerdy.

If you want to show your feeling to someone then it is better to say in pick up lines. Coz lines are creative idea with your words to say them. 

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So here is a collection of our best computer pick up lines and programming pick up lines. Read this whole article.


computer pick up lines

If you are a computer then I will play(romance) with it all day.

Did you know? Why I m not started(on mood), coz you don’t give me the power to the mood on.

My life without you is like a computer without os.

Are you pc keyboard? coz you look like my type?

Are you a computer, coz you turn out my software into hardware?

You are the CPU of my body.

Are you a computer? coz you make my life easier?

Are you a driver? coz make my presence worthful.

Are you internet? Coz it shows me connected but not by feelings

If we are networks, then it must be LAN

Your love is like wireless but I will catch them from anywhere.

Recently are you sit on F5? Coz your ass was refreshing.

Is your pant compressed folder?, coz I would like to unzip with love.

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Are you a monitor?, coz I can’t take off my eyes from you?

Are you a USB port? Coz I have big size 64GB Pendrive 

programming pick up lines

Hey sweetheart, you are so cute. You make my page error 404.

You are must A++

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Hey sweetie, if you are java then you are the object of my love life.

You are god’s great programming without error.

When I m compiling our relationship, it shows perfect without error.

Hey there is none of my body parts is soft neither micro

You convert my floppy disk into a hard drive.

There are some things that resistant to meet you maybe it is a firewall.

You over speed my processor

You are the hard drive of my dreams.

I m the PC without your power outlet(before you)

Hey queen, you are the command prompt of my life, command me 

God created an amazing project with variable you and me.

Are you a firewall?, coz I can’t get up to your heart

Are you define with private variable?, coz I want to be the only one who can access to you.

computer science pick up lines

Come to my IP address and I will give you admin access.

Can computer techy have skilled fingers?, coz I m looking for that one.

Can you share your IP? computer pick up lines

Would you be my permanent address?

The only network which is connected to is your heart.

Maybe your heart is open for me, coz I feel connected with the internet

Text me YES if you like me.

I like only one word in keywords, and that is ‘U’

Can I boost up your memory by sharing my RAM

What do you with me? abort, retry or fail.

I think that my heart is a hyperlink with your heart.

When I saw you, my links are redirected you 

Are you 301? Coz I want you to make permanent redirected on me.

Are you error 404?, coz when I saw you my mind will stop working?

Your heart is like empty code, can I make javascript to fill it with love.

coding pick up lines

Are you javascript?, coz I loop on you again and again.

If we are binary then I must be 1 and you is 0

Our relationship is like binary,  you and I make perfect love angel

Do you like binary? Coz I want my 1 in your 0

You are a hacker? Coz you hack my heart.

God create your coding in A++

Hey sweetie, turn off the firewall and let’s connect our ethernet cable.

Hey motherboard, can you have an empty slot in it, coz my processor waiting to fit in it.

What about a peer_to_peer saliva exchange?

Are you googleing me? coz your solution is here.

Are you google? coz you have all the answers to my query.

Are you a search engine?, coz I m searching for you

My drive has more space, we both can do anything that we want

programming pick up lines

You are the love of my life, coz every time I check the condition it shows true

Condition 1, if you love me then press truly otherwise false.

nerdy computer pick up lines

Hey sweetie you are way hotter than my laptop bottom.

I already google your name and I click on ‘i m feeling lucky’

Pc is incomplete without a keyboard, same as I m incomplete without you.

Are you a space bar? coz you hold the longest position in my life?

Did you like capslock? Coz I like lipslook, we are same at the end.

Are you monitor? Coz my love reflects in your eyes.

I am thinking that we should increase our bandwidth.

You must be internal parts of my project life.

You must be compiler coz my day couldn’t start without you.

If you are part of my domain then we definitely share cookies

If you are a web browser then you must be fire_fox girl.

Is your name google?, coz you have everything that I have been searching for.

Maybe this is your email address, [email protected]

Let’s interconnect our hardware.

I already live with you in virtual reality, can I live with you in reality?

computer programming pick up lines

My uptime is better then your exception.

My feeling for you is way stronger than the magnetic force inside the hard disk.

My love for you is not you can count on MB or GB, it is infinite.

My love is for you remains constant(unupadated and unmodified)

Actually, do you need me to unzip your secret folder?

No matter how I sort this thing but you always hold first positions.

Press any key to your dreams comes true.

You are the only person in my life that I don’t want to send to recycle bin.

You are that screen of my life that don’t wanna close it

Are you an increment operator, coz you increase my interest in you?

Can I log in to your heart?

Are you SDK?, coz you develop my life better if I have you?

You are the reason so I don’t wanna log out from your heart.

2 things that I liked so much in my life. First is void and your voice.

I already give you full access to my heart.

final words

The computer is the basic things in our daily life. So if you like someone who is a master computer then you should start the conversation by this computer pick up lines
The computer is worthless if they don’t have programming in them. Many programmers are working so hard so we can be easy. So these programming pick up lines gives you a good startup.
All pick up lines are listed here is entertainment purpose only.
I hope you enjoy our computer pick up lines and programming pick up lines.
Thank you.

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