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Tinder pick up lines to impress (• ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°•) at first conversation – pickuplines



tinder is nowadays famous for an online dating app. Tinder is changed the whole world at a new level for dating, chatting. So why you are not taking part in tinder games. find a perfect person outside of your friend circles. So many uses opening lines for tinder and tinder pick up lines for engaging their partner.

are you want to tinder icebreaker??

if you want to icebreaker then you should use short, cleaver, funny conversation by your tinder opening lines. Most of the people using “hi”, “hey”, “hello” that not worked cause everyone sending this type msg. So need to be more creative to pick up your partner. So many people want their partner with good humour and sweet conversation. If you use some funny and geeky opening lines so you get better results every time.

Remember use funny, cool opening lines not “hi”, “hey” anymore.

Here a list of wonder full tinder pick up lines so you can chat with the hottie you see online. Read and enjoy.

Best tinder pick up lines 2o2o

U sound like busy today, can I have any chance of adding me to your To-do-list

I m new here to your city, can you help me to give directions to your heart.

I didn’t do anything. And what can I do without your phone number?

What would you rather from me? (A) nice date in a restaurant. (B)  meaningful conversation. (C) multiple orgasms. (D) all of above…… I wish there is option D

After a long time, when our friends asked how you meet. What shall we say???

You are so hot. Can you be my jacket??

You give me the idea of a real princess, aren’t you?

You are definitely Princess. Cause I m your prince charming.

 The cutest smile was seen on tinder.

I looking for girls like you for years of years.

I make many mistakes in my life. Can you be my next girlfriend??

Are you stalking at my profile pic??? Aren’t you???

Are you hungry? Then what about tonight dinner at my home?

You may have an ugly boyfriend? No? Want one?

Did you know? NASA looking for you. Cause you look more beautiful than the moon.


tinder pick up lines
tinder pick up lines
tinder pick up lines
tinder pick up lines

funny tinder pick up lines

actually, I am not a photographer. but I can imagine us in perfect photo

I think you are a great magician. coz whenever I look at you everything other gone ( disappears)

did you know how was you look alike?  no?  my dream girl?

oh my god. I lost my phone number. can you give me yous?

are your security? coz you caught my secret love.

if you are mine then I m all yours. 100%

I m looking for a girl which hold my arm. but you hold my heart.

Heyy sweety, how was the heaven which is you left now. 

you are a bank loan? no? then why my interest increase in you 

my food is an odd test, can you be my sweet?

maybe your name is google. coz you have everything that I have been looking for

can you have one pencil?. coz I want to erase your past and paint(write) our future.

did you have a driving licence?. coz you driving me crazy.

are you from heaven? no? then I surely crate heaven for you  

is it hot here or you may hot.

good tinder pick up lines

we matched again. it is coincidence or reality

if beauty were time then you are infinity

dinner on me, breakfast on u. deal final? 

hey gorgeous I think you have to delete tinder coz make another girl bad on tinder

did you like sleeping? yes? we will sleep together forever. 

do you just stop at looking at my profile?. coz I want u to look at me like that

what is boo_ ? I think it is a book. if your not thinking book then we are a perfect match. 

I m not good at opening conversation. could you help me to talk with you?

you look more beautiful than your profile pic. am I right? 

I think I won your heart. coz girls like cute puppy pic and I have the best one.

if you are here then who is running the heaven? 

I know you like me but don’t reply coz you are shy. trust me same here.

I have a dream to visit Disneyland with the girl. can you full-fill my dreams? 

can I follow now? coz I want to follow my dreams.

did you know which vitamin I required the most? no? vitamin U 

tinder pick up lines reddit

you are so gorgeous. you make me forget the pick up lines.

hey, you’re a candle? coz you spark in my dark life. 

I heard that you are good at mathematics. can you replace my x without asking y

are you an https?. because I want my love more secure. 

god, transfer water to wine. can I turn you to mine?

can I have a photo with you? because I show the photo to Santa clause that I want U 

it is corona time. can we quarantine in one house?

you got me like pizza. hot and spicy. 

what is the difference between you and an alarming clock? make me more sleep with you.

do you like Pokemon? coz I m your Pikachu 

roses r red, sky blue. will you my dough

I never sing a song in front of anyone. can I wedding purpose in song?

titanic. that is an ice breaker for me.

plz, reply in yes or no, otherwise my pick up lines won’t work. 

you eyes are beautiful as you. trust me this is not pick up lines.

cheesy tinder pick up lines

you are 5 out of 10. but we together it is 10 out of ten 

hey girl, you are an electron-proton pair?. you are so attractive.

if I could rearrange the alphabet I arrange “U” and “I” together.

hey sweety, I am here. what are your other wishes?

you are a microwave? coz you are too hot 

if I scale 1 to 10. then you are 9 and I m that “1” which is looking for u 

today I was feeling little nervous but you turn me again. 

can we same this conversation on the dinner table?

r U camera?. cause whenever I was looking at you I smile. 

why are you blushing so much? no? can I try to blush for you?

can you have an extra heart coz mine was stolen by a gorgeous? 

I wish our love like number 3.14(pi). endless

I know 2 pi. first is 3.14(pi). second is you cutie pie 

are you my charger? because I m low without you.

even in 0 space gravity. I still fall 4 you. 

tinder pick up lines to get laid

did you make some bad choices? yes? then I m probably good choices.

are u interested in tinder pick up lines? no? me too. lets et dinner tonight. 

I think I should open a window here? why? otherwise, how will you come to my house?

what is scooby doobie do say when they spilled his drinks? 

there are 7 billion people in this world and I laid down on you 

what is the craziest person you seen on online? it’s you 

the amazing smile was seen on tinder 

excused me, I think you noticing me. I wanna tell you that I noticing you. 

Do you have my phone number? no? can you need one? 

did you have maps? because I have lost in your eyes. 

I m not an electrician but I should light up your life. 

I without u is like a pencil without point(pointless). 

is it your name wi-fi. because I m feeling connected. 

hey, you are breathing oxygen too? because we so much in common. 

you have nice hair, wanna mess it up?  


i hopes that you enjoy our tinder pick up lines collection.

quarantine pick up lines

the the main purpose of this pick up line is to make a smile on your face. so this pick up lines are entertainment purpose only.

love whatsapp status

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