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Car pick up lines are lines which you can use on car or truck lover. If you visit car service station or car showroom. Sometimes you like some guys/gals. So these driving pick up lines help you to say your feeling in the form of automotive style. This trucker pick up lines gives you the best pick up to pick your loved ones.

Let’s see everybody have little to full interest in an automotive vehicle, especially cars. Cars are not the only vehicles that are feeling for some people. Coz there so many people which love their cars more than a vehicle. May you are also on of them. read here love pick up lines

If you go to repair or service of your cars. Then you will find some other guy which the same interest in cars and truck. Then you will start to talk about them.

Maybe you have sometimes driver which can drive you to your destination then these driving pick up lines are great to say feelings.

trucker pick up lines are generally for truck lovers. Coz some people carry big truck with big hearts. So these pick up lines are help you to start a conversation with them. Maybe you win their hearts too.

here is a collection of car pick up lines, truck pick up lines and also driving pick up lines. Read to the bottom and comment below your favourite lines.

car pick up lines

car pick up lines

Wow, your car is beautifull but not more than you. 

Your car is so appealing, but I don’t know why I m attract to you.

I think the black colour suits you the most, but if you wear me, it is better the best

Do you wanna drift with me?

Your engine is so much powerful same as my love for you.

Your car sound and vibe make me mad. Can I drive you to my home where we can make this sound better?

Do you know? why my car has only 2 sheets. Coz it’s only for you and me. Can we go on a ride?

I would love to cross millions of miles just only for your 1 smile.

Can I get a chance to raise your gear?

I know your car number but what is your mobile number?.

My battery is down. Can you fully charge me?

I wanna drive you, do you wanna crazy ride.

Can you shift gear from base to next level?

Hey sweetie, I would turn off the headlights. Coz you enlighten my whole path.

best car pick up lines

mechanics automobile line

Are you a driver? coz you drive me crazy?

I miss this space in my car. Can you fill it?

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I have a special fuel in my body. Surely I can give you full performance.

the curve makes me crazy, oh I m talking about this design what do you think?

I recently lost my GPS. do you suggest me which road take, so i can reach to your heart?

Did you ever listen about dancing cars, get in? I will show you.

I lost the key to my heart. I think you have one.

My lap is more comfortable than these lather sheets. Do you wanna try in?

Actually, I m fast n furious, but I go slow when you like it.

If I was your car then I need coolant. Coz you make my engine overheated.

Can we race?. Forget about it coz you already won my heart.

Your eyes are the same beautiful as your headlight

Did you catch something?, coz I give you a signal

You smell better than your cars.

Did I check your licence? here is empty in the husband’s name.

driving pick up lines

driving pick up lines

Drive often or drive me often?

Is your seat belt? coz you save my heart from damage.

Your legs are way more beautiful than car tyres.

Did you get my green signal?

Your car is so much warm, I think your arm too.

Are you have a license? coz you are driving too fast to my heart.

Your car has a great design, but not better than your dimples.

Hello, can I park my car in your garage?

I don’t rush cars if you love to walk with me.

You don’t need car pick up lines when you have trucker pick up lines

No need of driving pick up lines when the driver is too hot.

Can I plug in my device in your cars?

Your ride is here, what you wanna ride?

My luggage is too heavy, can I put it on your back?

Can I turn on the radio? I think you love to hear a love song. read below car pick up lines

trucker pick up lines

trucker pick up lines

You don’t need a pickuplines when you have pick_up trucks

I have big space in my truck, I think it’s enough room for us

Do you wanna ride my monster truck?

I have a big truck, we can play hide n seek at back.

I have a big truck can you have enough space.

Trucker is the happiest driver, do you wanna join?

Get in truck to get in the mood.

I m a heavy driver, do you wanna try it?

Can you mind if I checked your exhaust pipe?

I like everything big, n I think you have it.

Hey relax, my energy bar never lows

I think you have 2 big things, first is truck and second, you already know

I know you cant drift with a truck, but you can drift with me.

I know you carry heavy loads day n night, can I relax you for a while.

Nice breaks, same as your smile.

Are you a car driver or a hard driver?

Get in cars, we ride to mars.

Can I check your oil level with my dipstick?

Do you wanna go with me on a test drive?

Can you help me in the direction towards your heart?

My fuel tank is over capacity, can I feed to your tank?

Your cars have great airbags.

Can I plug my piston into your cylinder?.

Do you know my power capacity is amazing, do you wanna test it?

my car is ahead of mars, do you wanna ride?

your speed is too high, I think my love bump slow you down maybe?

no no  it’s not a car race, it is about your heart winning 

I have so many trophies, now its time to win your heart 

your driving skill is amazing, do you wanna ride my hard cars.

everyone is pleased with your look but I know you are more beautiful inner

final words

hey guys/girls, can you slow down here. coz all pick up lines are end here.

now your turn to comment and share to show our love.

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These pick up lines will help you to start your conversation which is you think hard to start

pick up lines are concepts of expressing your feelings into a word.

here we have listed so many car pick up lines so you can read them and enjoy them. More

all listed pick up lines are for entertainment purposes only.

thank you, hope you win the race of heart.

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