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Eyes Pick Up Lines For Beautiful Heart



Eyes pick up lines mean you already know that express the beauty of your crush in a tiny words formate. Eyes are the best parts of our body coz when you cant tell something but your eyes speak it loudly.

eyes are not just body parts it is more than that. If you get eye contact with your crush then it gives you a joy that nor given by ice cream.

if you like someone then you praise their beauty. But never forget to praise their beautiful eyes.

Praise the beauty of your crush with eyes colour, and more positive thoughts.

here we have collected superb duperb eyes pick up lines. Read all the lines it may help you.

pick up lines about eyes

eyes pick up lines

your eyes are enough to make me, high 

Did your eyes have a magnet? coz mine eyes attract towards yours

You are lucky, coz now my eyes stop seeking other eyes.

Is it sparkle in your eyes? coz it is shining.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. But after seeing you, I think it’s true.

Are you a magician?, coz wherever I go I see only you?

I wish I was in your tears. Coz born in eyes, travel on cheeks, end up on your lips.

I have never seen such beautiful eyes before in my life.

your sneaky eyes, smiling lips, dimple. Make me crazy.

Hey cutie, your black eyes just blank my mind.

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I can feel pain in your eyes. You may take a rest in my arms.

Are you angle?, coz I find pieces of heaven in your eyes?

I think my heart is connected to your eyes, pls don’t disconnect me.

Your smoky eyes make me high enough.

eyes pick up lines

eyes pick up lines

Here I m miss, what are you searching for?

your eyes are oceans, can I dive in?

Are you sun? coz your eyes feel me sunshine

People say that eyes are mirrors of the soul. That’s why you are the most beautiful soul.

Are you a superhero?, coz I think your eyes have power?

Did you know? You have the world’s best eyes.

I think you have the eyes of an angel, coz it looks appealing, attractive & innocent at the same time.

You have so deep eyes, I think I wanna fall in.

Are you a Bluetooth?, coz when I m trying to look forward my eyes are connected to your eyes?

Are you wifi?, coz I wanna download love from your eyes.

you must come from the stars, coz you your constantly shining from start.

beautiful eyes pick up lines

beautiful eyes pick up lines

How do you feel when enjoying this beautiful world with beautiful eyes.

Your eyes have the definition of beautiful 

Only you can give competition to the world, coz no one has beautiful eyes as you have.

Are you a target? coz my eyes rush towards your

I wish I was your lens, at least I can touch your eyes.

Are your glasses? coz you suit me better

You may be a cake? Coz seeing you is eye-pleasing.

Are you a book?. Coz I read your eyes and it’s amazing.

Maybe you are an interior decorator, coz after seeing you. I like everything beautiful.

Excused me, you owe me a drink. Coz after seeing you drop my drinks.

Can I touch your face?. So I can tell my friend that I have a whole galaxy in my palm today.

Are your rose?. Coz every time I look at you. It seems like the most beautiful thing on earth.

blue eyes pick up line

beautiful lines

Your eyes have deep blues. I can’t even move from you.

It looks like you have blues oceans in your eyes. And I can swim in there day n night.

Sky does not compete for your blue eyes.

Are you from heaven, coz no one else has blue eyes except angels?

I am already lost in blue, coz your eyes are deeper than oceans

I know why your eyes are damn blue. Coz you blue my mind.

your blue eyes blank my mind.

Here is the hot environment, can I swim in your blue eyes?

No worries if the sky is clear, coz you have all blue eyes.

Ohhh now I know why is sky clean, coz you kept all blue in your eyes.

I don’t like blue, but after seeing your eyes. Blue is my fav colour.

You don’t need protective glasses, coz you already have a blue ray protector in your eyes.

beauful deep eye lines

Are you a yoga trainer?, coz I can’t focus on anything after seeing you?

your eyes say to me everything except your name.

Are you a thief?. Coz your eyes steal my heart.

Today I see flowers. I think it is most beautiful but I m wrong after meeting you.

Are you a mirror? coz moonlight reflects from your eyes.

Hey cutie, wait. maybe i see som3thing in your eyes. omg it is  sparkle.

Star rises in night, but why I can still see many stars in your deep eyes.

Are fashion decorators? I think your glasses make more beautiful your eyes.

I trying to say you something sweet. But after seeing your eyes I m speechless.

Your eyes are bold and beautiful same as you.

You have eyes like oceans. coz it make a storm in my heart.

Did you carry another weapon besides your eyes?

final words

here we go swimming in an ocean of your eyes. We hope that you liked our collection of pick up lines.

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pick up lines are concepts that you can say your feelings in words. Now you can praise the beauty of your crush to start a conversation on and on.

this all listed pick up lines are for entertainment purposes only.

thank you.

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