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Fireman pick up lines are hottest collection of lines. Pick up lines are generally used for instant pick a conversation to your crush. firefighter always wear a hottest uniform ever. so it is normal if you fall in love to them . fire pick up lines are create massive interest in talking with each other. if you fall in love with firefighter guy/girl then this firefighter pick up lines will definitely help.

if you love someone then it should be any of profession. if he/she will be firefighter then this fireman pick up lines will help.

i miss you pick up lines

we have a huge collection of fire pick up lines below. read and enjoy.

fireman pick up lines

fireman pick up lines

Hello gorgeus, i forget my hose pipe in hurry. Can i use yours?

I wanna climb on ladder. But i forget ladder. You can still help me Coz i climb like ladder.

I m cold machine ,put every hot place to chill. You should try once.

I wanna hear scream more intense then fire alarm.

i am firefighter, expert in hot management. definitely handle you hottie.

Can you hit💥 my hydrant?.

Can you hold this hosepipe?.

Did you know that girl fireman professional hose handler?

Need water or i wanaa make from you.

You are good situation controller. Can you handle me?.

I love to play with fire. I mean if they hot like you.

Hey frozen queen, i will melt you from top to bottom.

firefighter pick up lines

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Did you know ?, firefighter are always heat handler.

1st rule of patient is removing all redtricted clothing. Can i start now.

Dont worry about smoke detector, if you with fireman 

Its my job to make worse to best. Can i make our relation from good to better.

Hot handling is my easiest duty. Can you hold my heat

Hello swertheart, can you slide down my pole.

Did you know?, fireman have huge hoses.

Fireman are better with their hoses handljng.

Do you want to play with me?. We will practice. stop!drop!roll.

I run into burning building to save some stranger persone. Just imagine what would  i do  4 you.

I m on fire now. Do you want to stop drop and roll with me?

firefighter pick up lines to use on guy


I save baby, little dog and kittens. I look forwrds to save you from this boring life.

I am lady firefighter. I forget my hose, can i use yours?

I am on fire, pull me out of here

Nice hoses but did it pump?

May be fire is out and under control but you are still smoking hot. 

Trust me, i m good fighter

Lets hangout some where, later i wanna show you hoses and pump.

Did you see my tools?

You can call me “fireman”. Coz turn hoses on. 

You are a hottet then any fire alarm

cheesy firefighter pick up lines


best conversation opener lines

You are really so hot. Firefighter coulnt put you out.

I wish you are more hot when wear my fireman clothes.

Hey hottie, i m the one that you need.

First i will save you from burning fire to get first dinner date.

Would you like to see my master stream.

You make me on fire. Now i start pumping.

There is no perfect dresh then firefighter dresh. And there is no perfect man other then you.

You looks too hot in this dresh. I think you are more hot without this clothes. 

Lets make hottest moment between us. You can enjoy your duty for put me out.

Your timing is perfect. Can you hold 5 min with me.

I have just 2 charactrestic.

 fastest on work.But slowest on bed

If we are friends then i definetly come to your home by climbing wall.

Whenever you wish ‘you need me’. I will be there in 2 min as firefighter


firefighter pick up lines for guys

Why there is hot here. Maybe its temprature or you

Can i cool down you by my hands

Sprinkle spray of water will be turn to steam coz you are too hot.

I liked you big, heavy, monster, loaded.


Your truck way more beautiful then any stylish car. Coz you save me from hell.

thank you we wish you like our collection of lines this lines are entertainment proposed only

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