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Fortnite Pick Up Lines ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ To Win Heart Over Battle -pickuplines



Fortnite pick up lines to use on gamers. these pick up lines will give you pro chatting over gameplay. playing in a squad is the best teamwork to win chicken dinner in the battleground. games pick up lines are here

sometimes few players too much impressive in the squad. so we start talking to them to carry on that pro player to our gameplay.

maybe some time that player interesting in talking. so these pick up lines are great to use on them to start effective talking like.

1.don’t worry babe I will cover you from random bots, so you can win the battle. or maybe I win your heart.

2.If you are a weapon in Fortnite, it would be legendary

for effective use of this pick up lines, you should focus on some point which is listed below

  • team up first and make a good game impression on him/her
  • try to save them from the enemy, give hint to they are around the enemy
  • give revive them to take an interest because in gameplay. reviving teammates is a wonderful gift
  • that provides a necessary kit to boost the gaming experience.
  • if that looks like a noob then definitely take chance and suggest the next step of playing.
  • and last but least, start conversion over mic step by step then you should use these pick up lines to move on.
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fortnite pick up lines

Fortnite Pick Up Lines

Hey, are you scar?. Coz you are golden

Maybe you are victory royal. Coz you are the only one out of 100.

You are definitely a supply drop. Coz you are angle, fall from the sky & save me

You are a lifesaver, coz you revive my heart to love once again.

Come on to that mountains. We will make this ammo to the sky like firecrackers

Stay behind me sweetheart, you are a priority to me not victory royal.

Let’s play these crazy games in my house.

Hello there, you wanna play doubles(games) in a double bed at home.

Let’s watch tv together, but I only see your V

Sweety are you grande, coz you explode my heart.

You may be surprised but my default chatt conversion is ILOVEYOU

Get in the car, we should go on the long drive to the safe zone. 

Did you notice anything?


Not even me?

You are crazy like me, I would drop a gold scar for you, and what about you

I want to land on you sweetheart.

Best Fortnite Pick Up Lines

fortnite pick up lines

I would like to harvest your supply

Can you drop the supply? Coz you have everything that I need.

I have a bad fight with the enemy. Can you heel me with CPR

Get in the car, I will take you to a pleasant park to have fun.

Let’s go to a pleasant park, so I can show you my shifty shaft

I would like to jump off to the floating bus for you.

If we are the only 2 people on earth then I throw boogie bomb down, so we can enjoy dancing together.

If you are the default, then I should carry you all night.

I will loot your supplies, including your soft heart.

Can you heal my heart?

If you were chest then I upload my love to your chest

Maybe I meteor to your tilted towers

Is your name mire?. I have magic to convert mire to moisty.

Let’s get spend a pleasant time together at my fort tonight.

I m lonely in this battle without you. I won victory royal for you

Games Pick Up Lines

games pick up lines

Not one can keep away from you, not even shockwave grenade.

You can’t believe that, but I solo enough to win your heart

A soulmate is good, but a soulmate is better even in the squad.

Solo winning is tough, but I still cover you from the unwanted bot.

Omg, I have an angle in my sqaud

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I m still a pro player, both available online and offline.

Hey sweetie, your eyes looked like an ocean, and I can swim all day & night

Whenever I look into your eyes, every time I see a pour soul

I don’t believe love at first sight

But my myth breaks down, after seeing you

You have everything which is looking for, pro skill and cute smile.

Are you the same beautiful as online?

Do you have a map or anything? 

Coz I lost on your voice, skill and that damn smile.

Everything should be ok until I saw your smile, that damn smile.

I will never play hide & seek with you. Coz someone like you is impossible to find

If you are a song. Then best track of the album

Funny Fortnite Pick Up Lines

lets play battle gaming

If you are a transformer, then you are definitely (optimus fine)

Call me cupid cause I want to shot crossbow directly to your heart

You are my ultimate painkiller

I record this game season, coz when I miss you at least I see you virtually

Let’s jump off to the landing plan to completed our couple goal

Did you wanna see the spray of minigun?

I don’t need a 6x scoop to see your love, I felt it definitely

Hey queen, I will build a fort around your heart

I don’t need a circle to get closer to you

You can call me a thief, coz I m steal your heart

Defence position can not protect me from your beauty

You can call me gentleman, I will not start the game until you are ready

Hey damn girl, I think that bus is the best place to hide in

My heart will start beating high, coz you revive my heart

You wanna come to my fort to check out this evening

Cheesy Fortnite Pick Up Lines

Hey sweetie, come to ride my rocket and get the pleasure of high flying

Can you mind if I land on you?

Your voice hit me harder than your bullets, strenght to the heart

If you are with me then I definitely kill the big beast

I can’t stop following your steps, coz I m following my dreams

Suddenly my heart beat fast now I know why, because of you

Your skin is so soft, may I wish your heart too

did i ask something to you?

why i m  feel lonely untill you are not in  team 

Be free babe, I will your backup always

What happens, sweetie, I can feel you are not alright

Your sensitive voice make me mood to play all night

Your voice is better than any gaming EDM music

I m hopeless until i saw you

I want to win you, coz you are my ultimate goal

Hey important things to tell you

You are gorgeous


I hope you enjoy our collection of Fortnite pick up lines.
This games pick up lines help you to start quality talking to your special once.
Pock up lines are not magic that you use on someone and you will get them, but these lines are just idea.
read more games lines
These lines are for entertainment purposes only.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you.

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