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Insurance pick up lines ✎ to ensure your luck in to their life – pickuplines



Insurance picks up lines. Insurance is the best way to safely preserve your future with a backup plan. But if you want to spend your future with the perfect person. Then that person should be any profession. But that person is an insurance agent then this picks up lines are great for you. An insurance agent is finally a human so you can talk them sweetly to start with friendship.

Selling insurance policy is great to work because you save many people future. There is not part of your life but still worried for your life. What’s anything needs in life, if someone really cares for you. Absolutely then earn some money to feed their own stomach. This pick up lines will help you to engage with them.

insurance agent picks up lines are best to start smooth and cheesy conversion between you two. Generally, the agent wants to see your interest in their insurance policy. But you can sweetly use lines to diverted from to different policy.

some cheesy lines will help you to boost starting conversion with them. Say what is your interest and ongoing talk.

Love is not bad if you choose the perfect person for you. Humour is an important key to attract someone if you are really like someone. Use funny lines and some jokes during the conversation. Right?

Here you will find some of creative pick up lines to talking them. Some of pick up lines are for insurance agent also to choose you for better chatting verbally.

insurance pick up lines

You are won finally, because safe my future with you.

Can we go on appointment meeting  with you, or may I lie to my diary today

Can I take a smiley photo with you, so I can tell my friends that perfection still exits?

I wish you are my policymaker. Because you make my better by making your shelf my better half.

You are a doctor?. Because you find my heart loneliness.

I m still not a genie, but I will make policy that’s complete all your dreams. 

Let’s make this officially and certificate of this insurance. But if you with me in this insurance.

Do you believe in magic?. Buy this insurance and your all problems will go off.

I think that I want to do a field investigation first.

Did this insurance can cover mental health. Coz you drive me crazy.

I want to buy a health policy from you. You make me crazy.

I want a policy of your with my names. I m scared to lose you.

Term life insurance is perfect for me. I do not lose anything from my life including you.

I forget everything after seen your eyes. If you gave me your number then I will never forget anything

My smartphone has an amazing feature. You wanna try on the selfie camera.


insurance agent pick up lines

You are a great agent. Coz now I want to buy this policy with a diamond ring.

Hello sir, I think you are afraid of commitment. Sign this policy and prove all of them wrong.

Ohhhh I missed something important. Nope it’s your premium.

I think you leave my office now. Coz you made my client look bad. 

I will blindly follow your insurance. Coz you are way prettier then insurance.

Hey, I got you. You look at my next client for great policy. Can you want?

Understand me without this policy is pointless. Same as a pencil without lead.

This is the best opportunity to get the big size of the benefits package. 

After seeing you I think. I m permanent client for this beauty.

Did you know the means of term life insurance?. Insure my happiness until you are in my life. 

Does term life insurance mean?

Term = lifelong

Life = happy 

Insurance = if I m yours

Do you loke James bond?. But I like it. Coz your beautiful than an agent.

I don’t believe in a piece of paper, I believe in you. Am I right?

The policy paper is just normal. But if you will be my side it would be an amazing policy.

If you buy my heart, I promised I will do the same.

funny insurance pick up lines

Oh my gold, I just buy an insurance policy. Because after seeing you my heart will stop working.

You are not under my premium coverage. But I wanna take a risk.

Do you believe in love at 1st sight? Or may I repeat again quote?

Hey, sweetheart can I protect you from lifelong.

After seeing you, I run into the wall over there. So I need your phone number and name for insurance purpose. 

Insurance policy creates good things in life. You are 1st good things happen in my life.

Can I have your number?. Coz I will ensure coffee table today.

Can I get insurance about tonight dinner with you?


I searched for you in the whole city and you are already my home. 

Hey, my name is an accident. Can I crash tonight at your home?

Can I ensure my luck in your life?.

Are you sure? you are not tired today. Since our last meeting, you are running in my mind.

Do you have an office or may I land to your heart?

Since last accident, I want a personal lifesaver. Can you be?

We will great talk about the same topic. If we are on the coffee table.

Would you hold my arms? So I tell my friends that I touched an angle.

car insurance pick up lines

Do you have any car insurance?. Because drive me crazy. 

Hey girl, can I put your name in my policy. Coz after seeing you I m anytime crash.

If you fall in love. Then this will help me to achieve success. 

I accidentally hit the door when I saw you. I think you need this policy before expire.

Do you have car insurance? Because I fully wreck you.

Can you have car insurance coz I wanna tell my friends? We are gonna burn some rubber.

Do you have car insurance?. I want to crash this car at my home.

I buy car insurance coz I want to race car with you

I want to buy car insurance. Coz after seeing you my heart and car beating fast.

Car insurance is must if you take driving shit. Your beauty hits anything

I smash the car after seen your eyes.

Do you have car insurance?. Coz I want to take place in your car.

The car insurance policy gives you safety. Same as you make me speechless.

Do you have car insurance?. Coz I make smoke with this rubber tyre.

assets liability pick up lines

Hey, I like legos, van you can like legos same. Let’s build a relationship.

I wish this policy hold all liability after seeing you for my body injuries.

I m not impress you by my skill. I just want to sell disability insurance policy for my stomach.

Slap me if I m right, you really need that disability policy right?

You are a great opportunity with all assets. No liability.

If you will be my assets then my all liability will go off.

Can you have fixed deposits in the bank?. Coz I want to you fixed deposit in my life.

You are assets and I m liability. But our child is a great treasure.

I think I am liable to you. Coz I owe some love.

You +me = capital assets

Can I take a loan of your cuteness? I will surely pay with my all heart. 

You are all assets without liability.

You are my one-sided accounting sheet, coz have all assets with no liability

Would you first like to balance?. My sheet or my heart

I think I should add some amazing value to your account. 

insurance policy pick up lines

Kiss me, if I m wrong. You don’t need that disability policy. Right?

A movie superstar gives hundreds of signature. I just need one.

I buy pure life insurance when you are in my life and I m purely your.

Did you like an honest guy?


Is it weird, if I m asking you for coffee because you are really adorable?

Hello madam, did you have names? Or may I call you mine?

We don’t know each other right?


No, you are dreaming angel.

How fast you are. I just dreaming about you in my arms.

I don’t believe, I have bad luck every time and I m still with you(good luck).

Sending feelings.


Can you receive? Coz my hotspot says 1 connected.

I don’t have any special ones that I have to use their name in my password. Would you be my password name?

I am a good chef. Coz we have the same taste.

I m so much foodie, can you taste my food? 

I don’t have any idea to make a smile on your face. So I buy this policy.

I don’t have any pickup lines but I want insurance from you.

final words

I hope that you like our collection of pick up lines. Insurance picks up lines are used during a conversation between you and the insurance agent. To better result, start talking sweetly and creat interest in talking.
When making a smile on their faces then you should win their heart. Pick up lines are mostly used for saying your verble feeling in words. Finally, words are matter. 
Pick up lines should be funny, coz generally people like a humorous human.
Pick up lines are entertainment purpose only. Just read it and enjoy it.
Thank you.

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