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Dinosaur pick up lines for jurassic & adventure lovers -pickuplines



Did you like a dinosaur in Jurassic park?. Absolutely yes. Coz everybody like this adventure from childhood. Although I m still a fan of Jurassic Park. Dinosaur pick up lines works great on Jurassic lover same as you.

if you crush on someone, which is a fan of dinosaur movies. Then this Jurassic dinosaur pick up lines are works. But you have to use these lines smartly so they can understand your concern.

opener lines to a girl are neither hard nor easy. Coz if you use weird lines that the person is not interested in talking with you. So you try to use it smoothly and try to make little fun.

‘in the Jurassic world difficult to save you, but in the real world I can save you’

we have a great collection of dinosaur pick up lines to read and enjoy. All lines are listed below.


dinosaur pick up lines

Dinosaur pick up lines

Baby are you t-rex, coz I like when your tiny hands hold me.

Maybe you are an archaeologist, coz when digging up down you will find a bond.

You are a cute dinosaur, co you feel me safe and sound.

If you are a dinosaur, then your name must be cute-no-shares

Generally people afraid of dinosaur, I m too. But I m afraid of falling fall you.

Do you wanna see a dinosaur of mine? it is bonersaures

Kiss me.

If I m wrong.

Dinosaures still exits.

Hey tiny t-rex, you cant hug me. But I can 

If you are dinosaurs, then I must take you to my dangerous friends.

I like Jurassic Park, coz there I can find cute dino like you.

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Let’s live this beautiful life right now. Coz we will be extinct any time.

If you love me the same as I, then no one extinction will erase our love story.

I run from genetically lab-made dino, but then I suddenly fall for you.

You cant not pronounce ‘trynanosuarus’

Without the US.

Do you wanna take kisses from dinos, coz I m the last member of the dino species.

Jurassic pick up lines

jurassic pick up lines

Are your works at Jurassic park?. Coz you will handle wild like me.

Folks will say that,Disneyland is best location of enjoy. But I think that Jurassic world.

You are must be beautiful dinosaurs, coz you are Jurassic.

If I m at-rex then could you take care of me?. Coz my hands are too shorts

I have one diplocockes in my pants, do you wanna see that?..

My home or roar?

Do you wanna roar at my home.

Let’s go, baby, I wanna saw you tricerabottoms that I ever seen

I wanna give you a gift like no one can give you, pleasiosaurs

I m the only last raptor available, so you can ride.

Can you play with me”find-my-dinosaurs”, with each others body

I know you also like wild, coz we both choose dinosaurs.

Hey dino, do you know gymnosaures?

dinosaur pick up lines

You can call me apatosaurus, coz I m the longest neck dinosaurs.

Hey cute dinosaurs, has been anyone told you that you are dino_mite

Jurassic world pick up lines

t rex pick up lines

Maybe you are an archaeologist. Coz I have bone if interested to research 

I m not Fred Flinstones, but I can give you bedrock.

Come on baby. Cooldown my fire.

I m a dino expert, I can read your mind by your body language.

Do you wanna find out why my friends call me Erectus.

Can I see you?


On bedrock to roar.

A massive dino collapses the building. Do you wanna collapse my building.

You are definitely lab-made, coz I saw any person as beautiful as you.

Do you wanna know why I m liking too many dinosaurs, coz they don’t wear clothes.

You can beat in running, but I already fall for you.

I don’t know that dinosaurs will smell too good.

What happens when styracosaures meet apatosaurus?

Tiny t-rex.

It’s hard to walk like you(dino), coz you are the king of the jungle and my heart too.

Hey t-rex, you are cutie and scary

When I see you, I can beat my scary dinosaur dreams. Coz you hold my hands

Adventure pick up lines

What is your fav step.

I am lick.

You wake up my inside caveman.

You have special power to meltdown iceman heart

Apatosaurus and I have one thing in common. Longest body part.

Hey pterodyctle, after seeing you my heart will be flying.

I will make you dino_sore if you come with me.

You don’t look like a jurassic lover, but you like my lovers.

Hey dino, make me scream.

Maybe I m a little bit pshyco, coz I love dangerous dino in all world

You are sweetsauresa coz you look sweet when you angry.

Who owns this cave, your or mine?

My GPS shows the direction to your heart, m I the right location?

Hey jane, I m here your beloved Tarzan.

I want to dig up, coz you are an excavation site.

We both like dinosaurs, then what are we waiting for?

Final words

Jurassic lovers will amaze you by using these dinosaur pick up lines.
These pick up lines are our best collection.
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