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Moon Pick Up Lines 🌛 For Your Beautiful (◐‿◑) Crush -pickuplines



Moon pick up lines are a favorite for couples. Coz they express some feeling by comparing to moon.

But why everyone compares their love to moon?. Because moon bright and shine. Moon always roaming around the earth and never stop. So most of the infinite love bird say their feeling by moon.

Moon is an idol for lovers. Everyone dreams about sitting on the beach with their loved ones and staring at the sky.

Moon are like relationship, coz they change from light to dark, and half to full or vice-versa. So this perfect fit for lovers to say their feelings.

When you love someone too much. Then you never say your feeling in words. So many people use moon to compare their love. So they say

“I love you to the moon and back”

Here you will find all the best moon pick up lines to impress your crush or soulmate.


moon pick up lines

Moon pick up lines

You must be the moon, coz you have dimple similar to craters

Is your moon? coz you will still shine when another is too dark?

You are the moon of my life, coz every night I think about you before sleeping.

I m moving with orbit, coz you attract me by gravitational forces

When I saw you my heart will slightly tilt on you

I m loyal as the moon, never leave my orbit around you.

May be moon feel jealousy, coz you are more beautiful than the moon

You must be north star. Coz star light rushes me to this place. 

I m waiting for you, same as nights wait for the moon

You are like reddish big-bang, super hot and shine.

You must be my moon. Coz you enlight my life in this darkest world.

Trust me, you are way more beautiful than the moon.

What about dinner on the beach at full moon night?

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I want to enlighten your life, coz you mean the earth to me.

Hey honey, want to see the moon. At our honeymoon.

One day, a space agency tell me that moon is missing.

Then I say

I missed my moon too.

Our relation is like earth and moon. Coz they are far from each other but still love unconditionally.

Hey girl, your eyes are more bright than moonlight.

Will you be my sun(shine) to my moon

What about at sea over moonlight

sailor moon pick up lines

sailor moon pick up lines

Do moonie couple also sail like this?

I have the best memory of when you are inside my lifeboat.

I want to sail under the moon, maybe you fall in love for second times.

Come on babe on my boat, tonight we have moonlight dinner.

This moonlight inspires me, so I m sailing towards your heart.

Hey sweetie, I want to look a new way to your bedroom. Can you help me to sail out there?

I have a problem pulling the zipper in my sailing outfit. Do you mind if you pull it for me?

Don’t worry, I will save you from thunderstorm if you in my boat(life)

I will gift you the moon, coz no one crazy as me to love you.

Hey babe, are you like my moon pick up lines

You are the ultimate lifeboat.

Do you know swimming ?. Coz I m drowning in your love.

You are the sun of my life, coz you enlight me with your kindness.

Trust me, the moon will blushing if they see your beautiful smile.

Why your brightness is too high. Coz you positive energy attract me towards you.

Sailing under the moonlight is my dreams.

After seeing you, I think my dreams come true.

Can you teach me how to sail?, coz I wanna reach to your heart.

I m not a sailor, but if you are on another side of the sea. Then I risk my everything to achieve you.

Amazing dock. Do you mind if I parked my boat in it?

I m sailing through all darkest memory to see your smile.

Funny moon pick up lines

romantic pick up lines

You are a riseing star. Coz you are shining in dark.

I-love-you to the moon & back

You are looking better on the moon when you are smiling.

Moon at night looks super cute same as your cute smile.

Hey sweetie, I have a rocket. Do you want to go on heaven(moon)

Only one person in this worlds, who gives competition to the moon. That person is only you.

You have a beautiful round face like the moon.

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You are the light of my life. Coz you give me the direction of your heart.

Did you know? you don’t need make-up. Coz you are already glowing like a moon.

Would you come to my home to enjoy the moonlight? After that, you can explore the constantly expanding things.

You are the winner of a pretty contest after beating the moon. Cuz you are heavenly beautiful.

A day without you is like a moon without a night. So much darkness

After seeing the moon, I can calmly sleep. Coz it reminds me about you

Are you a funny joke?. Coz after I see you I smile.

Are you the shiny moon? coz I m miss you moonlight at day.

Your gravitational force attracts me towards you.

You have a strong g force, coz I m revolve around you.

Hey sweetheart, you moon of my life. Coz you sweet and beautiful.

I will take you to the moon if I have your hand in hand.

When I m lonely, I m waiting to hug you. But after seeing the moon I will get good sleep.

I don’t get good sleep until I saw your photo of moon

Moon landing pick up lines

relationship pick up lines

I have a big rocket, can I land on you?

What about if I take you to the moon, and then explore your body.

Your smile is perfect. Coz my smile emergency land my face

My space_ship is ready, would you like to ride to the moon.

Rocket landing is an art, and I m an artist of landing in it.

Is your moon? coz my rocket wants to land on you.

If I m star then I want to accident to you.

You are so beautiful, I think I have a blushing sweetheart attack.

You are must be a sailor sun, coz you are on fire.

I will be the first to land on you and the moon too.

final words

Do moonie couple also like talking about like listed above moon pick up lines.
Moon is the symbol of a romantic couple. Coz moon must be used in their love conversation.
These moon pick up lines are gives you a great start to talk to your crush. coz this is cheesy.
Don’t worry if you love someone someday then you definitely use the moon for saying your feeling.
These pick up lines are for entertainment purpose only.
Thank you.

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