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sport pick up lines

baseball pick up lines for her┏( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)┛ – pickuplines



baseball pick up lines for a fan of sportspeople. if you like someone same as you fan of baseball. then you need a strong pickup line. to strike on him/her to start a conversation.

Pick up lines fives you a chance to start interesting in conversation. If you are using a dating app like tinder then tinder picks up lines worked. And you know how to start a fast conversation.

You may be quarantine nowadays due to pandemic. Then this quarantine picks up lines helps you to find a perfect person to date after quarantine.

baseball pick up lines

we have a collection of cheesy baseball pick up lines to score a home run.

read the whole article and enjoy reading these pickup lines.

baseball pick up lines

baseball pick up lines

Are you in the bullpen???. Coz you warming me up

You may be in the deck circle. Coz you are next to date with me.

Hey, you are in the outfield?. Coz you are a real Princess.

Sweetheart, can I show you a spitball?

Oh my god, I think you hit me with a pitch. Because I feel faint.

Is your name baseball?. Because tonight I will hit on you.

I am a Thief. I wanna steal your heart like home run still audience heart.

I m a professional player at both games. First is baseball and second on love games.

Baseball season is over. Let’s go to my house and watch this season on repeat.

I warming up this bench for my whole life for you.

I know you winthesgagamesbut I have a chance to win your heart.

I think you are good at catching. Coz you catch when I fall in love for you

I know I am out of your team. But I fight back to enter your life. As a contender.

I will lose my games so I can win you. With my sacrifices.

I m the umpire. So you gave me your number then we discuss what was foul in our love game.


Sport pick up lines

cheesy baseball pick up lines

Ohhh how fastball bang on the bat. Can I be the same?

You take these games to a whole new level. Can you teach me how we take another level for stalking games?

I m ensure to you that I will be covering all bases. Because I would same do it when I play baseball.

I will balance our lives. See I still hold your hand when you have gloves in another hand.

I will hit a home run if you will be in the audience.

Heyy sweetheart, can you change your chair. Otherwise, I will foul in your love.

You just make me distracted to my goal. By the can you be my goalkeeper.

Don’t worry if you fall in love. Coz I m outfielder at baseball. And I will always catch it.

Can we play baseball in my house?

Can we discuss baseball games strategy on the dinner table tonight?

I heard that you want a beautiful diamond. Trust if you date me you have a great diamond.

This cheesy pickup lines work on you or either I may use best of them.

I want to try a cute picksuppliessn you. But you make me shy to say that.

Can you be the umpire of my baseball game?

Everythings fair in love and baseball. Am I right?

cute pick up lines for baseball

cute opening  lines for player

I m pretty sure that i winning you heart. Coz we both love baseball.

Can I make this field special by proposing you?

You win 2 matches today. First, you already did and what about me.

I m looking for baseball buddy for ann Lennon a long time. Can you be on my team?

If you have the the the ball then I have a bat. Can play an interesting match here.

Did you know why I m wear hand gloves on one hand coz I want to hold your hand after these games?

Why it is so hot here. Ohh it’s you here then

Can the worst player in your baseball team? No? Want one?

I will push any limits to get your attention.

As a baseball player, I m good at playing. Can we play loves games?

I winning all the games. But I lost when I see you.

Sweetheart, I will be taken care of you. I take care of myself in a baseball match.

Baby, I promise you there is no competition between U and baseball.

I love baseball. So take me to your home Hunny.

Did I do more home run, then you give me the attention?

sport pick up lines

sport pick up lines

When i buy a baseball. Can you hit them with me?

Do you like baseball. Because I wanna show you my magic moves.

Hey, you play baseball?. Coz ita look-alike you are good at your knee.

Did your baseball cloth on sale?. Because at my house they are 100%off

Can I get your jersey? Why?. Coz I want your name and number.

As a baseball player on the field. I know my bases around the field.

Can you the umpire?. Coz I was foul in next ball.

I hear that you are thirsty now. Coz I have 6 packs here to overcome your thirst.

I will bet you play football. Coz you are a good keeper.

If I give you my jersey and shoe. Will you step into my life?.

If you are a baseball could I hit a home run?.

I own a great roller coaster in the whole world wanna ride sometimes?.

Wanna see amazing magic?. Pull my pants and you will see magic.

 I show a number on your jersey. But can I have that number which is working on the phone?

Are you a baseball player ??? Coz I still see the beauty in motion.

baseball pick up lines for pitchers

opening lines for girl

Play in my extra innings. I guarantee that i m long reliver.

I m that type of boy who runs backside of the run plate.

I m good at the outfielder. I will catch you anyway.

Hi, I’m a professional player in love games.

Would you take me into your team? Or maybe hang out outside.

You are gold gloves catch worthy gold gloves.

Came to my place. And I will show what is the real baseball games.

Can you impress by baseball pick up lines?. Or may propose to you.

You are a good gamer. Me too

Do you like baseball?. Coz I m professional at baseball.

I have a split-finger. But still, I have the talent to use on you.

You are hitter and I m good catcher. Let’s play game

Instead of zonal defence. Can we try man on a woman tonight?

Did you believe in love at first sight? You I may hit and run a homerun.

Are you sure that you are not a baseball?. Coz I am calling you mine.

pick up lines for sport player

Roses r red, violet r blue. Would you mine if i home run with you.

Girl, I going to swim. But I already drowning in your eyes.

You heard that I m good ball handler. Wanna check out my skills?

I can create a big score in a different position.

Hey, you are name is joe?. Coz you stealing my hart.

I know that angle can fly. But I don’t know that they run too.

Hey, you do a yoga?yes. No, you did hot yoga.

Sweetie, you plated a good match. But I think you and I perfect match.

You are a hotter than 2022 world cup. Wanna cool with me

I m good at the pitch but great at a bad.

I m cold boy, do you want to icebreaker?

You hotness melt my coldness.

Hot + cold = neutral. But in our case, it would be amazing.

Can you stop chasing your dreams? Why? Coz I m here all the time.

You are a gold medal? Because I don’t stop until I got you.

final word

I know you wanna be an icebreaker. I think this line gives you an opportunity to start talking with you boy/girl. If your first conversation is good then you should get be an icebreaker.
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I know it’s hard but sometimes its worked. And sometimes not worked.
 If you have baseball pick up lines and sport pick up lines then comments below.
These pickup lines are entertainment purposes only.
Thank you for reading.

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