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Candy Pick Up Lines 🍬 For Your Sweetheart – pickuplines



Candy pick up lines are the sweetest lines. These sweet pick up lines are making a sweet impression on your crush.

Everybody loves to eat candy and chocolates. Nowadays chocolates are more impressive than candy. Did you remember we say sometimes that ‘old is gold

Candy is not only gold but they gem to candy lovers. We often buy candy when we are at the cash counter to pay the bill.

Candy is so many colour and so many sweet tastes. So they attract us to buy.

No, you are not the only that likes candy much. Many more people also like the same way as you like also me.

Maybe you can use these candy pick uo lines to them and attract your crush same as colourful candy attract us.

Did you know, why I call you sweetheart?. Coz you are too sweet to my heart

Maybe I have a candy crush on you

We have a huge list of candy pick up lines. These sweet pick up lines are sweet as you. So you can read and enjoy. Read Fireman pick up lines


candy pick up lines

Candy pick up lines

I can colourful your dreams the same as your favourite candy.

You are my favourite candy, what is your favourite?. Don’t take my name

Your lips way better than this candy, can I taste it’s once.

Is candy can in your pant pocket or you are happy to see me? 

Are you rare candy, coz I feel that I have level-up

I think you are from candy-crush-saga, coz you are so sweet

You are sweet as a candy cane.

Maybe you are snickers, coz I am satisfied

I will gift you colourful candy, then I see how candy eats candy

Are you a candy lover?. Ohh now I have a spot where to steal candies and heart.

I will give you life. if you are my candy-crush

I love to play games. Coz you are mu candy-crush

Let’s deal with one thing, I eat your jelly, you ate my candy bar

Omg, after seeing you, my mouth watering

I bet you, I will clear all jelly on your belly

cotton candy pick up lines

you are so soft as cotton candy

Your heart so soft as this cotton candy.

You wanna taste another cotton candy under my cotton

You are perfect cotton candy, coz you are sweet, soft, colourful, and eye-pleasing

Hey babe, I wanna share your cotton candy. Coz it is sweet as your smile.

No one candy break record of your smile. It’s amazing.

Maybe you are cotton candy?

Coz when I see you, my heart beat faster 

I rush to this candy store, coz I know I get my dream candy one day

Maybe I forget sugar candy but not you sweetheart.

Candy crush saga is just games to play with candy lover like you

I won the jackpot on the candy crush saga, coz I have master candy like you

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Hey crush, if I have you then I no need of more candies

Do you wanna see mars bar?. Coz it will take out from this world

Are sweet like ginger candy, I wanna unwrap and taste the spices

My bag is full of candies and candy bar, lets go to hills station and enjoy life.

I wanna dive into candy pool, are you with me?

cheesy candy pick up lines

sweet pick up lines

I hates chocolets, but i still love you

If you are kit-kat, I will break you off

You are a lifesaver, I will give you life anytime

I have a candy cane for you, maybe your taste it my sitting on my laps

When you put on glasses then you are more attractive than colourful candy

Do you unwrap my candy? It is amazing to enjoy

I ran out of move on candy-crush. Can I make move on you

I got too many candies in the back of my van

I am colourful same as your favourite candy

Is your name candy?. Coz I m addicted to you

I only have one king-size candy. I m sure that you cant take it all

Hey sweetheart, you are twix?. Because I want both sides of you

Can you pass me the balance of chocolates, yes you sweet candies.

Do you wanna find out why my friends call me Butterfinger.

Your candy wraper look good on my house floor.

candy pick up lines for boyfriend

I will crush your candy all long night

Can I taste your candy cane?

Now I have candy for tonight dinner.

You are almond joy?, coz I m happy after seeing you.

all kisses for you my candy crush

Do you play candy crush?


Then what is a plan for tonight to play

Do you wanna my round spicy candy tonight?

You are not cutie pie, you are my candy pie.

Be careful I wanna attack on your candy worm.

If I have you then I lots of jolly good times.

Keep calm baby, I wanna do it my way

If you are with me then all of phase of our love story would level up every year.

Honour to call you, cause we have the same taste.

About candies

You cant unwrap me coz my wraping are too tight.

I find the best person for this job.

Cause you are the same candy eater as me.

sour candy pick up lines

You are brightest shinning star of my milk bar.

Hey girl, are candy sprinkles on my ice cream

I love you more than candy.

Hey sweetheart, you are my favourite candy, coz you make my mood on fire.

I m craving for you. More than my fav spicy candy.

You make me more surprised even more than a candy cane.

You gave me happiness like I see colourful candy.

Do you have some magic?. Coz I forget everything after seeing you.

You are hit and spicy than this ginger candy.

This candy makes my mouth too much sugary. Can you make it sour by kissing it

I like sugar candy but sometimes I wanna taste sour candy-like you.

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I have sugar, you have sour, our combination would be great for our child

What happens when sour meet sugar?

May be a blast, a blast of loves.

Why are you in mood, I just making candy of your taste

When you offer me candy, it safe and sound.

final words

You are surely candy lovers, coz read our article from top to bottom.
Candy is always first love to most of us. Then why we are not getting love by these candy pick up lines.
These sweet pick up lines are so smooth to use and make new friends.
These lines are just for entertainment purpose only.
Hopes you enjoyed it.
Thank you.

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