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Chef pick up lines to make delicious bond and cooking pick up lines



what are you love to do? Preparing food or eating food. Most probably eating food, mine also. So these chef pick up lines will use on your chef to say your feeling about food. Cooking pick up lines are working great if you are a kitchen guy/girl.

chef pick up lines are also used for applause hard work of the chef for making food. Most effective if you like chef too apart from cooking.

This cooking pick up lines are cheesy as your food thats create an intresting conversation opener.

if you like chef over food then these pick up lines are most effective. Coz these pick up lines are for the chef. You can say your feelings in pick up lines form.

here we are having a collection of great cook pick up lines that you can impress in the kitchen. All lines are listed below.

Chef pick up lines

chef pick up lines

You are my lifesaver, coz you have the same taste as I have.

This white apron fits better on you, can I replace this apron with me?

Your hand same delicious as your food, can I kiss them once?

Hey sweetie, are you hot as capsicum

You must be hot pan, coz you make this room temperature so high.

Are you a good fire handler?, coz I m more furious than that fire?

Are you making the mix in a bowl?, can I add my hands to that bowl?

If everything will ok then one day I will make dinner for you in my bed.

Are you chopped onions? coz you make tearful after seeing you?

You are so finer, Maybe I want to replace this flour with you.

My spoon has great taste, do you wanna lick it?

Salt in this dinner is so finer. Can you put finer love between us

You made great breakfast same as I made your life great.

Thanks for dinner but what about dessert tonight?

Your finger have great skill, maybe I have this skill

Cooking pick up lines

cooking pick up lines

Omg your food smelling soo good, maybe you too

Are you a gym guy? Coz today is toung day.

you are amazing coz god will make you my special spies.

What is your favourite food? mine is you.

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This delicious dinner made my mouth wet. chef pick up lines

I worked with hot pan daily but you are out of my hotness handler

Are you like spicy food? Coz tonight I will make you scream.

Did you know, which is my fav food?. It’s you

Take care baby, that’s the fire of my love. You may be burn

Are your fridge? coz only you can cool down my flame.

Diner at my place would more romantic than you thought

Nobody can make me hungry except your eyes.

Today I achieve my goal.


My couple’s goal(making food with u)

Can you deliver heart to my heart?

Are you pizza? Coz you make me happy.

Cook pick up lines

cooking pick up lines

You are my special ingredient in my life.

I have one of the greatest noodles, do you wanna taste it?

Bread with butter is my favourite. But still most favourite is you.

Great cook are husband/wife material, is it right?

Cocktails are Just drunk but I have a hangover of your love.

There is no distance between us, coz whenever I saw you I fall for you

Are you an electrical mixer?, Coz I think my mind is mixed with your heart

Cooking is an art and I wanna b the artist to make love in the kitchen

There is one recipe to make me happy is your warm hug.

You are damn cute, I forget my chef pick up lines

If you are food then you are my favourite food

If you are pizza then I m must be cheesy topping

I must call you fineapple. Coz you are Sweety then fruits

You are the salt of my life. Coz without you everything is tasteless

Natural ingredients are best for cooking. Same as your kindness to me.

Funny chef pick up lines

I m am the master chef of every dish. Do you wanna try it?

Are you french fries coz without you I m cry

xxxxxx That’s my number. Call me for an emergency craving.

Chef pick up lines are the just idea. But serving delicious dishes are still my couple’s goal.

Cooking is a skill but winning your heart is my stil will

If you are cold drinks then I would empty in one sip.

Are you an opener?. After seeing you my heart will open for you 24*7

You must be oil coz I slipped on you.

You are smelling so good as fresh vegetables.

The road of your heart is connected with your stomach is it right?

Is it spicey?. I have ice cream if you want to.

Your apporne is more charming than your dishes.

Dinner with you make me happy from inside

Are you vegetarians?. Coz on the table, I like to nonveg 

Are you a hot pan?. Coz you are sizzling hot.

final words

That’s all guys, this is our collection of chef pick up lines.

cooking pick up lines are normally used on persons who are making you good food and you like them both.

this all pick up lines are for entertainment purposes only.

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Thank you.

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