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Pick Up Lines To Make Her Blush (* ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°*) -pickuplines



Pick up lines to make her blush. You just need to make a girl blush, laugh, that’s all. If someone makes you to laugh then you are interested in talking with them. It’s simple, make a girl blush.

Are your banana peel, coz fall in your love?

Did you know god makes 2 things perfect, first is me, and second damn you?

many of thinking that pick up lines are wont working. But you never try a good way. Sometimes bad pick up line made them uncomfortable, so definitely that doesn’t work.

But there is a chance you make them laugh, feel them good. Everybody loves to laugh, that’s the key to getting the attention of your crush.

The main thing is she/he will be interested in the beginning. If you have get number of pick up lines, then it is easy to get her/his number. Maybe it makes you take to the bed.

laughing is the best medicine as you know then why use this medicine to solve your illness. Simply, you use to pick up lines to make her blush.

read missing pick up lines 😢

We have a great collection of pick up lines to read and enjoy.


pick up lines to make her blush

Pick Up Lines To make her blush

Can I achieve your number, cause you are my destiny?

Hey babe, I have special earbuds. So you can hear what my heart say (i love you)

I m pilot for you, coz I m catch love in the air which is you spreading my smile.

Do you have a makeup brush?. Don’t worry I think I will make you blush.

I m mack up artist, once a day I make my face, now my friends call me a joker.

Do you like wearing t shirt? Coz I have 2 t-shirts with tag(hubby, wifey)

My heart rush me to you directly. Maybe he finds something special in you

When I m near to you, my dopamine is so high. Maybe I m addicted to you.

You are the bestest addiction all the time.

Are you an angel?. Then why are wandering in my dreams?

Sharing is careing, right?


Let’s share the phone number.

I m literally shocked, you are way more beautiful than your profile picture.

Do you favour me little things?

Can I be in your profile pic?

White is even dull, in front of your beauty.

Can I borrow a kiss from you? Trust me I will give you back with interest.

pick up lines to make him blush

are you camera pick up lines

Hey baby, you wanna dady of my baby.

You are my fav coffee cup – hot and lip-smacking

are you blushing? may my pick up lines to make her blush works.

Are you having a band-aid? Coz I m falling for you.

I heard thousands of pick up lines, can i my special one on you

Hey, pick up line

Pick – my number

Up-  & up all night to talk

line-  to make you my lifeline

(Pick my number &up all night to talk to make you my lifeline.)

I already stalk you online, but you are eye-pleasing handsome offline.

Everybody wants my number, but I will give you to feel special.

Can you mind? , if I hold your hand forever.

You look familiar to me, may you are the guy of my dreams.

Can you take me to the doctor, coz my heart forgets to beat when I m with you.

Can I have some chocolates?


Then can I have a dinner date or number?

Are you tequila shots? Coz it hits me hard and my world spinning around you.

Can I walk with you to your home? So maybe I can live my dreams half.

Hey handsome, I like it so much. Don’t say me too.

pick up lines to make her laugh

pick up lines to make her blush

Are you from frech, coz I have effiel tower for you?

Can I borrow your phone, coz I promise to my mother. I will call her when I fall in love.

Can you do copy paste?. Then copy love from my heart paste it into your heart.

Do we know each other, coz you look like my next girlfriend?

If I have an opprtunity then I will show you how much I m loves to you.

Your voice is like adrenaline, feel me safe and sound.

Can you favour me to complete my couple goals?

Folks say that Disneyland is the happiest place in the world. But no one can stand next to you.

I m lost here, can you give direction straight to your heart.

Are you like a snowball, coz tiny, good shape and crazy to play

Ohhh, babe, there is so much cold here, can I hug you tight to warm up

No one can believe that I see an angle today.

I m TTF, tested, trusted and fatest

Hahahahahahhahahhahahhaah, pick up lines to make her blush

I have dreams to laugh so much high with you. But you still not laugh at this line

pick up lines about smile

pick up lines about smile

Are you a camera?, cause every time I look at you I smiled?

You are the reason that I cry less and smile lots off.

No no no, don’t smile, if you smiled then I fall for you the second time.

You are the reason, that my heart smile

Did you know what I m wearing today, the smile which is you gave me?

Did you know? what suits you better, sunglass with a big smile

Congratulation. you have the world record  for the cutest smile all over the world

None can beat your beauty when you put sunglasses on.

Did I blush? after seeing your  smile

read smooth pick up lines😊

Hey girl, do you know? , you are the girl with a million-dollar smile.

Hey, I wanna tell you a secret, you smile, damn smile drive me crazy.

I should dress up joker, so I can see your smile.

After seeing your smile, now I understand how cute it looks.

All beautiful curve on your body, but your smile is my fav

Hey girl, smile. If you want me to your bed

pick up lines to make her smile

Smile, if you have me in your home.

Are come from the oven right now? coz you damn hot

You wanna know what’s on MENU. It ‘me’ n ‘us

Can you have extra heart? coz my heart was stolen.

My love is like diarrhoea for you. Coz I can’t hold it anymore.

There is one thing that you should change is your last name.

Hello madam, are you lost here?. Coz heaven is far from here.

Are you made of sugar?. Coz you are so sweet.

There is something wrong with my mobile phone cause I don’t have your number on it.

Hug me, if I m wrong, i am ironman 

Forget Superman, spiderman, iron man. I will be your perfect man

Is it your name google?. Coz you are everything that I have been searching for

We are socks, but we will make definitely a good pair.

Hello mam, I m here. What are your other 2 wishes?

Your smile is damn beautiful. So I forget my pick up lines.

final words

If you have talent that you can make someone laugh. Then it is easy to use these lines.
Use these lines with confidence. So these pick up lines make her to blush definitely.
These pick up lines are just idea to start a conversation with your crush. So you start the talking by laughing at them.
These pock up lines are for entertainment purpose only.
I hope you likes our collection of pick up lines.
Thank you.

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