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social distance pick up line

Quarantine pick up lines (best hit) #socialdistancepickuplines – pickuplines



Quarantine pick up lines is great for this time. Coz no one can leave there home but you can flirt online. Due to this pandemic covid 19 all are in quarantine there houses for safety. Most famous pick up line this quarantine is stay home, stay safe.

quarntine pick up lines

 Due to this pandemic every are locked are in thee houses. And uses social media for spending there time. Most of people are playing game, Netflix and chill, social media surfing.

#socialdistance is trending in twitter. Most of folks are useing pick up line to flirt online in tinder, instagram, Twitter.

Here you will find best pick up lines collection to try and enjoy your luck.

Quarantine Pick up line : for online flirting.

quarntine pick up lines

  1. you are n95 mask?. Coz i want you to on my face.
  2. you can not spelling this virus. Without U and I
  3. if corona viruses cant take you out, can i ???
  4. did you know i m millioner how??. Coz i have 2 pack of toilet paper.
  5. even through his pandemic. Most beautiful thing is your smile.
  6. can i cover your face from covid 19, by my face (lips).
  7. since all public library are closed i still check out on you.
  8. this mask enhance beauty of your eyes.
  9. can i that one person to talk without words.
  10. you are covid 19 positive. Coz you make me sick from heart.
  11. You wanna closer to 6 feet?.
  12. you can not spell quarantine without. U R A Q T.
  13. can i see your smile without mask.
    social distance puck up lines
  14. can i take you to my home for work from home.
  15. our love is like corona virus. Coz its spreading fast between us.
  16. i working from home. Is this quarantine pick up lines working on you.
  17. i like you coz you are dangerous then this virus.
  18. there is pneumonia in my lungs or your smile makes me breathless.
  19. i m just boy, standing 6 feet away from you to say. Can you stay away 1 more feet.
  20. i see you across bars. Stay there coz i want my love to stay safe.
  21. heyy sweetheart, i wash my hands even when there is no pandemic.
  22. hey sweetie, can i ship ypu drink?.
  23. i feel i have fever. Did you know why, coz you are hot.
  24. i have hand sanitizer in my pocket. Or you happy away from 6 feet.
  25. hello princess , you are looking for naughty boy. Because i wash my hand at 19 seconds.

Quarantine pick up lines: best hit from social media

dating app flirt lines

  1. Corona virus shut down everything but my heart still open for your love.
  2. hey there, you are vaccine to covid-19. Coz i need you to stay healthy and stay happy.
  3. only things that not Quarantine in this world is my heart. When i see you
  4. quarantine and chill (over facetime)?
  5. is your quarantine zone heaven?. Because i thinks you are a angle.
  6. Lets Quarantine together my home.
  7. i want to swipe right on my life.
  8. Do you know ?. You are look like to my girlfriend.
  9. i will bet on this face. Because you look more beautiful even with this mask.
  10. all over the world might be sick. But i never sick for looking you.

#socialdistancepickuplines trending on tweeter collection.

If you've got the TP - I've got the time.#SocialDistancePickUpLines #CountrySongParady

— David S Vingman 🇱🇷 (@DVingman) March 28, 2020

#SurprisePass , you are like the 3 ply premium ultra soft I’ve been dreaming about for the past 2 weeks. I couldn’t #socialdistance any longer. #socialdistancepickuplines @ Lake Louise, Alberta

— mikefromcanmore (@mikefromcanmore) March 19, 2020
pick up line

Why this pick up lines break the internet nowadays.

due to corona viruses outbreaks everyone deals with self Quarantine in home. So dating app user are suddenly increase nowadays.

People are get more engaged on social media platforms due to lock down condition. People are lonely and no doubt, they will find person to hook up or date after this quarantine. But you need to find first person and talk with them.


Tinder games are best way to hook up with good person. So now days #socialdiatancepickuplines are trending in tweeter. Then you need to some pick up lines for expressing your feelings.

Faq – frequently asked questions.

why this quarnatine pick up lines are viral?

now days all are self quarantine in there houses. so folks spending there time by useing social media like tinder and other dsting app. they find a person so they can date after end of this lock down.
this is jokes on covid 19?

no absolutely not. covid 19 is serious pandemic. we take care of our friends and family. the purpose of yhis post is make smile on you face when you are feel bored. stay home, stay safe.
what is the best quarnatine pick up lines ? you want to quarntinr and chill
2.can we wash our hands together.
3. this mask makes you eyes more beautiful.
how to use this pick up lines?

basically this pick up lines are entertaiment purpose only.

Final word

We hopes that you enjoy our pick up lines collection.

Please note that this post is only for entertainment purposes only.

This humorous lines to make smile on your face.

We hopes that you will happy to read this #socialdistancelines

Thank you.

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